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Tech News

Microsoft Windows 7 Is here!

What does this mean for you?

WAIT: Windows 8 is now here. Find out if you should upgrade to Microsfot Windows 8 and how easy the change over will be.

Well first let’s cast our minds back to what was happening in the world of personal computing when Windows XP was released in October 2001. Broadband internet access was uncommon for small offices and home users. The now ubiquitous iPod was released in the same month. A digital camera would cost you thousands of dollars. As you can see from that brief wrap-up, a lot has happened in 16 years. So while it may seem on the surface that Windows XP is still doing a good job, it’s easy to see why an operating system designed for the current technology landscape would do a better job. The question a lot of people are asking is Shall I upgrade to Windows 7 on my current computer? There are some variables to consider:

Are your computer needs very simple and uncomplicated? Do you use it simply to send some emails, write and print documents, and search for things on the internet?

Yes. Then if your Windows XP system runs fine and does what you need to do reasonably well, you’re set. Don't let advertising fool you into thinking you need something that you don't.No. I like new gadgets and I need to keep abreast of current technology. Read on...

Do you have a computer that came with Vista installed or that was purchased in the last 18 months?

Yes. Then Windows 7 is definitely worth considering. Windows 7 is very similar to Vista in its hardware requirements. Anything that runs Vista well will run Windows 7 just fine. Read on...No. You may be able to upgrade to Windows 7, but you will almost certainly need to install additional memory. And even then, a system with a processor that is more than three years old may still struggle to keep up with Windows 7's demands on its resources. You're welcome to contact Insitu Information Technology to talk about what your existing system is capable of.

Do you use your computer to store your family’s photos and personal videos?

Yes. The Windows 7 premium editions have a lot to offer. Your digital library can finally be viewed and browsed through with the same pleasure that the good old fashioned photo album afforded.

Do your kids use your computer for browsing the internet and doing homework?

Of course! As time goes on Windows XP will start to let you down. Even now, XP shows vulnerability to internet bugs that Vista is safe from due to its sometimes annoying UAC (User Account Control) safeguard.

All in all, Windows 7 has a lot to offer and anyone purchasing a new computer in the near future can look forward to a nice surprise as they explore the new feature set. For a quote on a new system, a Windows 7 upgrade pack, or just general advice on your options feel free to contact your Marrickville Computer Technician.